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November 2008

  • How Bad Do You Need It?

    My husband needs a haircut.  Sorry, honey.  But you do.  He was going to cut it over the weekend but the haircut place he usually frequents closed down.  He walked back in the house…

    Nov 25
  • Hello, my name is…Part 4

    **If you want a refresher on the first three installments or if you are a new reader, click HERE.  You can read the story in its entirety up to this point. Of course, she…

    Nov 19
  • Tag! You’re It!

    Tag! You’re it!  Remember playing tag as a kid?  I used to play every Sunday night in the front yard of the church right after the service.  The painted black handrails served as base. …

    Nov 17
  • Catching Birds

    “Come back here!” I scolded my son as he darted across the Wal-mart parking lot.  “But, Mommy I almost caught one,” he told me referring to the tiny birds always found hopping between the…

    Nov 12
  • Was Jesus a Democrat or a Republican?

    Pick up a newspaper. Flip on the television. Surf the Internet. No matter where you go, you cannot avoid it – politics. Everyone has an opinion and freely shares it… Join me at the Internet Cafe today.  Grab…

    Nov 11