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February 2010

  • Clean Your Room

    It was a reasonable request – at least from where I stood. My desire fueled my mouth to form it. I didn’t understand the outburst. I was fairly certain there were others from Georgia…

    Feb 25
  • Baptism

    “En nombre de Padre, de Hijo, y de espiritu santo.” The waters stirred as the dark haired gentleman followed the pastor into the baptismal pool… Join me to today at Faith Lifts to read…

    Feb 22
  • She Looks Like Me

    “She looks just like me,” my five-year-old crooned as she hung over the play mat where her baby sister smiled and kicked her feet. Just the day before my son had compared his baby…

    Feb 10
  • Don’t Just Eat the Marshmallows!

    “DON’T JUST EAT THE MARSHMALLOWS!” I print this on a banner and wave it madly over the breakfast table. Every time I buy Lucky Charms, it’s the same. The kids beg to eat it…

    Feb 8