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May 2010

  • When the Storms Come

    Lightening streaked across the night sky, and I counted, waiting for the low rumble that follows. One, two, three… Ten seconds later. Divide by five. The storm was approximately two miles away. “Let’s go…

    May 31
  • Why Are You Scrambling?

    *It’s official! We’ve launched into summer vacation this week. I’m posting a re-run for you. I know it’s not fair. I didn’t even have a season finale. Well, the summer won’t be full of…

    May 28
  • Timing is Everything

    Timing is everything. Just ask any parent. Ask your son to clean his room during an episode of a Star Wars cartoon? You’re going to be in for a battle. But even gently suggest…

    May 21
  • Anticipation

    Anticipation. When did I lose it? She lies beside me on the bed and kicks her feet. Her brown-green eyes sparkle as I kiss her baby soft cheeks. I raise my hand high above…

    May 17
  • Praise Your Way to a Brand New Marriage

    “Ugh, my hair needs cutting, and I look fat,” I spoke to the mirror while trying to make sense of the haystack of hair floating around my head. “Ah-hem.” My husband cleared his throat…

    May 13