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March 2011

  • God Loves Fairies, Too

    When you really love God, and you believe what the Bible says, you will try to share it. Even if it’s with fairies. Faith made a fairy house with Lego’s, and now she is…

    Mar 29
  • Make Room

    “Put this in your purse.” My husband thrust a sippy cup my way. “And this,” he tossed me a bib. As I dug and rearranged my wallet, my business card case, a few peppermints,…

    Mar 24
  • In Prison for Faith

    We are the same age – only I’m not in jail. Asia Bibi is a 37-year-old Christian living in Pakistan. Like me, she loves the Lord and can’t help sharing His goodness. At the…

    Mar 22
  • Praise and Paraphrase – Author Interview

    From time to time, I like to share people and books with you that I think you’ll enjoy. This is one such occasion. I’d like to introduce you to a sweet woman of God…

    Mar 17
  • Three Minutes and Thirty Seconds

    Three minutes and thirty seconds. That was it. You might be more understanding if this story started with a number like three hours or even thirty minutes, but no. Three minutes and thirty seconds…

    Mar 15