Challenge Day #3

Sep 20

Hello..Hello..Hello… is anybody out there…out there….out there…just nod if you can hear me… Hey, wait a minute, I think I’m singing a Pink Floyd song! That would be thanks to my husband, whose favorite group is…you guessed it – Pink Floyd. I think that is still his favorite group, at least it was in high school. Okay, so I’m off the subject. What was the subject anyway? Did I even start talking about anything yet?

Oh yeah! Uhhhmmm(clearing throat). Today was Challenge Day #3 for me. I decided to visit my two grandmothers today. One of them is 93; her names is Frances. She is the most precious lady in all of creation! You would love her. Everyone does. She lives on our family road.

Aunt/Uncle…Grandmother….Aunt/Uncle…Mom/Dad…Memaw (my other grandmother). This is the order of the houses. So Grandmother drives a golf cart to all of the family homes to visit. She doesn’t walk very well. Her hips, which have both been replaced several times, are not currently in socket. She is too old, however, to have them fixed. So she walks (very slowly) with a walker in her own special way with a smile on her face. Her eyesight is gone from macular degeneration, so she is legally blind. She lost the feeling in several of her fingers, perhaps from years of crocheting. But do you ever hear Grandmother complain? No. She gets up every morning and says, “Use me, Lord.” The Lord has used her in many ways over her 93 years. She along with my Papaw raised three children to love the Lord. Each of the children then teaching their children to love the Lord and so on. She now has 6 children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

Faith and I rode on her golf cart, hunted for her cat, and talked with her about how good the Lord has been. I went to bless her, but I was the one blessed.

My Memaw is 90. My Pop was a southern Baptist preacher. So Memaw spent many years making the sacrifices that only a preacher’s wife can know about. Pop has gone on to be with the Lord, but Memaw remains solid in that same strong faith she had as she stood by his side. She loves her family and will let you know how proud she is of each of them. She has 4 children, 9 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren with one more on the way! Memaw is one of the best cooks this side of the Mississippi. Chicken and rice casserole, homemade mashed potatoes, angel biscuits, fudge, chocolate chip cookies, fried okra…that is just the start of all the delicacies that Memaw is a pro at cooking. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve made myself hungry!)

The day was full of blessings as we shared some time with each of these special ladies. Both have their own set of health problems, mostly due to their age. Would you be so kind as to pray for them? If so, please leave a comment. My mother reads them both my posts and I know it would mean so much! Thanks!

Lord, thank you so much for my Memaw and Grandmother. Thank you for the blessings they brought me today. Bless them each day as they get out of bed. Give them strength and continue to be real in their lives. Thank you for the legacy that Christian parents pass down. May I pass down the same love for Christ to my own children. Help them to live out the rest of their days basking in the grace and love that only you can bring. Amen.

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  • Anonymous Sep 20 at 5:00 am

    I am so thankful for you.,.I want everyone who knows Carol bless her…COme on and I challenge you to write on here and tell her how much she does for us…I want some good food…LOL and I want a great note….LOL…
    I am Carol’s Catholic Friend…and sisters in Christ.
    You go Girl you are on fire..Enjoy this mountian top right now..Our lord is doing big things..Jer 29:11 he has big things planned for you and your family.
    I love that you devote to this page and so great I laugh and laugh some more…THis has touched my heart in so many ways and you can see in your heart everytime you unfold a new day.
    I am so thankful you have shared this sweet time in your life…and your beautiful family..
    Keep having more…LOL….
    YOu have talked about these sweet women in your life, so thankful to finally see a picture…Awe nothing like a Grandma…I just want to kiss them..The stories they know..the memories..they have…I want to be them when I grow up…For carol’s family how blessed you are to have her…She walks it, talks it..and lives it…This is the Carol I knew was in their and wanted her to come out and play….Keep sharing we love it…and we love you…
    so my sisters in christ…resond with all the love she gives us,,,,never know this may get me bonus points to give me some good food…invite that Catholic girl over…LOL…and give me a sweet note..all in the same week.. SHe will be busy…LOL

    Love in Christ

    I didnt know what to put at the end…I dont know a password for google…Not good at this…the first letter I wrote was better….to Carol’s mom…Your a great mom..thanks for all the love you give those sweet grandkids…

  • Amy Wyatt Sep 20 at 2:27 pm

    Your grandmother’s are precious! I know you are blessed by them as I have been by stories about them.
    Let them know that God is using them to do great things through you.

  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Sep 20 at 3:02 pm

    I loved being able to see a picture of your sweet grandmother. Especially after our conversation last night! 🙂

    They are matriarchs of the faith in your life aren’t they!


  • The Stokes Family Sep 23 at 2:04 am

    What an incredible legacy to hold and pass down to your children! Thanks for sharing, and I will certainly be praying for their health!


  • Anonymous Sep 25 at 7:25 pm

    I have been truly blessed to know both of them…and eaten the wonderful food and received some treasured crocheted gifts.
    They are both precious women and have raised precious families…oh, the many crowns to come!


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