Faith Walking Challenge

Nov 5

Join the Faith Walking Challenge! It is hosted by Faith Lifts and will be every Sunday, posted by Elisa. I am posting my commitment to join the challenge. Won’t you join me?

Faith Walking Challenge Covenant

Galatians 5:1
So Christ has truly set us free.

Today, November 4, I, Carol Hatcher, commit to the Faith Walking Challenge hosted by Faith Lifts, so that women, like myself, may be encouraged to grow in their faith and testify to God’s transforming power.
I promise to do my very best unto the Lord to read each devotional, to make reading the Scripture passage a priority, and to set aside time during the week to follow through on the Faith Walking and The Next Step questions.
I make this covenant with the Lord so that I may mature in my faith and be able to glorify Him more fully each and every day.

Carol 🙂

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