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Nov 24

Howdy Y’all out there in blogger land.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know I did. We had lunch at my mom’s house with my Memaw and Grandmother.  Good times were had by all.  It was a small crowd compared to the masses that usually flock around the table but fun nevertheless.  

I’d like to take some time to introduce to you the people on my blogroll, otherwise known as “Links to Good Stuff.”  If you are confused, scroll down and look to the right on the side bar.  You will find a list of links.  Each link represents a blog I like.  I just thought it would be good fun to tell you about each one.  
In alphabetical order:
1.  BooMama – This lady is one of the most hilarious bloggers that I have ever read.  If you need a good laugh, just click on her blog.  She can make baking cupcakes sound like the funniest story you’ve ever heard.  If you’ve never been to her site, click away.  You won’t be sorry!
2.  By Design – This is the professional site for a group of very talented ladies from my church.   Two of them happen to be my friends!  DeAnna Cox is in the group and she also has her family blog listed below.  Theses ladies can SING! Check out their site.  You can listen to music clips, buy their latest CD (think Christmas gifts!), or contact them about coming to your church to sing.  If you’ve never heard By Design sing before, click on over and give them a listen.  Your ears will thank you.
3.  Cheaper By the Half Dozen – Marybeth Whalen is from the Proverbs 31 ladies.  I fell in love with her when I read her book For the Write Reason.  She has a wonderful blog about her family and her daily walk with God.  She is a very talented writer and an incredible mother of six!  You’ll love her, too.  Give her a visit.  
4.  Faith Lifts – This is the website that posts daily devotions.  Each lady who posts here always has something wonderful to share.  (Yes, yes, I am bragging on myself!) This is the site that my devotions are posted on every other Monday.  Want a blessing? Click on by.
5.  Hebron Baptist Church – I’ve got to brag a little on my own church.  This is the church where we are members.  It is a VERY large church, over 10,000 members.  That was a big change from the little hometown church I came from, but I love it.  Our pastor Larry Wynn is incredible.  The website is really cool. You can watch past sermons.  One of my favorite things is watching the services live if you can’t attend.  (READER’S WARNING: If you decide to do this, be aware that your singing sounds much louder when your lonesome self sits in front of the computer and tries to sing along to the music.  I tried it out for you.  I’m just nice that way.)  There is a lot of cool stuff on the Hebron website, so go check it out.  If you live anywhere in the Dacula area or in the nearby vicinity, you CAN’T miss Christmas on the Corner!! Now I’ve got your curiosity up, and you have to go visit Hebron’s website to find out all the details.  
6.  Mourning Into Dancing – This is the blog of one my fellow writer’s at Faith Lifts.  I LOVE this girl’s blogs.  She has a way of being so completely honest and open.  Sometimes she says things that are mirror reflections of my own heart.  God is really using her openness to reach out and grab readers.  Don’t miss her site.
7.  Notes from the Soul – What an incredible blog!  This blog belongs to a friend from Sunday School, Stephanie.  She is the sweetest, cutest, talented, sold-out for Jesus girl you’ll ever meet. She sings, she plays the piano, she writes music.  She has Jesus from her head to her toes, inside and out.  This girl is the real deal.  If Jesus formed a choir today, Stephanie would definitely be asked to be a member and not because of her incredible voice – it’s her incredible heart. Don’t miss out on a blessing.  Go and visit Notes from the Soul.
8.  Proverbs 31 – Who doesn’t love the Proverbs 31 ladies?  This is the organization that I get daily devotional emails from.  This group is comprised of a wonderful group of ladies.  Go give them a visit.
9.  Signs, Miracles, and Wonders – This is the blog of my friend Amy.  Amy is the friend God brought me as I began this new chapter of my life called “Writing.”  What a gift she has been.  Amy has the most touching story about her son Spencer.  If you don’t do anything else today, go to Amy’s site and read about why she chose the name Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.  She has been witness to a miracle.  You don’t have to be around Amy very long to figure out God has so much more in store for her.  I like to hang around her just to see what God will do next!  Amy is also a professional speaker.  If you are interested in getting her to come to your church, click on over and give her a shout.  She is a busy lady and is booking up fast.  Don’t delay!
10.  The Cox Connection – This is the personal family blog of my friend DeAnna from By Design.  DeAnna is also in my Sunday School class and we’ve been knowing each other for years.  She is so sweet and has the most precious family.  DeAnna has such a heart for God, and, by golly, she can SING!  Again, go to the By Design website to hear music clips.  You won’t find a finer example of a Christian woman.  
11.  The Stokes Story – I’ve saved the best for last!  Ha! Ha! Okay, that and it had something to do with it beginning with an “S.”  This is the blog of my good friend Amanda.  If you talk to me on a regular basis, then either you know Amanda or you’ve heard me talk about her.  We always joke that we don’t know how we survived before meeting.  Amanda is in my Sunday School class and is one of my closest friends.  She is the one I call who will actually listen when I am fretting over the tiniest detail of something completely silly like… will these curtains match the dust ruffle close enough and are my shades of lavender a little off?  Amanda is also the person I can call when I need someone to listen or need to be lifted in prayer.  What a blessing she is to me. Go by and visit her blog and read about her precious family.  You’re sure to love her, too.
Well, I’ve made it through.  I’ve introduced you to all of my links.  Take some time to click around and visit.  This is my bloggy-world version of a tea party.  More finger sandwiches?

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  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Nov 25 at 7:20 pm

    I just love you. 🙂

    Thank you so much for those beautiful words.

    love ya!

  • Sisterlisa Nov 26 at 12:30 am

    oh Yes I love Faith Lifts. ;O)

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