The Gift that keeps on Giving

Nov 19

For those of you who read my post It’s Alive, you know about the verse in Acts 18 that really spoke to me.  And now for the rest of the story…

Thursday night, I had an awesome time in praise and fellowship with the ladies from my Sunday School class.  We called it our Ladies Pep Rally!  We were getting pepped up on Jesus.  I teased saying we were going to build a human pyramid, but that didn’t actually happen.  Ha! Ha!  How God showed up Thursday night was incredible.  Several of us shared what God has been doing in our lives. Some shared prayer requests.  We all worshipped.  We read aloud from His Word and celebrated Him.  
I shared with theses ladies about the verse God had given me – Acts 18:9-10.  I told them how I came to realize the verse was for me.  When I got through speaking, my friend DeAnna asked me to repeat the verse.  As I quoted the verse, tears raced down DeAnna’s face.  “The verse is for me,” she said with a smile.  And then she poured out her heart.  Click HERE to go to DeAnna’s blog.  She tells the story of the verse.  You’ll be blessed by her story!  Isn’t it great how God works?  He is so much bigger than we can ever imagine.  If you haven’t taken time to spend with Him today, go spend some now!

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