Baby Of Mine

Jul 26

Indiana Colin

Dear Colin,

Happy 7th Birthday!  July 26, 2001 you were born.  Daddy and I were so excited to have you.  You make our lives exciting.  There is never a dull moment with you.  You always bring a smile to my face.  You have always loved listening to Alison Krauss.  Daddy and I went to see her in concert when you were still in my tummy, and I think you danced the whole time!  This was your favorite song.  I used to sing it to you as I rocked you to sleep.  I can still picture it in my mind.   You have gotten so big, but you’ll always be my baby – baby o’ mine.


This video is of Colin at about 3 months old.  You can see his daddy is smitten.  He wasn’t the only one.

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