I Need Thee Every Hour

Aug 16

Old hymns have a special place in my heart.  I could sit and listen to them for hours.  I grew up singing all the hymns in the Baptist hymnal.  Some of my favorite memories are of Sunday night sings-alongs where the congregation got to choose their favorite hymns.  Gerald Alexander or Mr. A, as we called him, would lead the sweet group of believers of Stone Mountain First Baptist Church in a time of praise and worship to our Lord the King.  

Always quick to raise my hand, I would ask for hymn number 287 – Pass it On.  I can hear it now.  “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going…”  As the years have passed, other hymns have won my heart.  The hymn I’m sharing today is I Need Thee Every Hour, written by Annie Hawks.  
This is what Annie had to say about the hymn.
“One day as a young wife and mother of 37 years of age, I was busy with my regular household tasks. Suddenly, I became so filled with the sense of nearness to the Master that, wondering how one could live without Him, either in joy or pain, these words, ‘I Need Thee Every Hour,’ were ushered into my mind, the thought at once taking full possession of me.” 

As a young wife and mother myself, I can attest to needing Him every hour.  I’m thinking if I wrote this song it would be called, “I Need Thee Every Minute.”  Sixteen years later, Annie’s husband died, and she found solace in the words of her own song.  She commented they meant even more after the loss of her precious spouse for they never rang truer.
Here is Selah singing Part the Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour.  Let this be the prayer of your heart today.

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