I Recommend Jesus

Dec 12

I want to take you there.  Listen to this song.  Then imagine it being sung by four prisoners in blue and white jumpsuits their backs emblazoned with “STATE PRISONER.”  Another inmate accompanies them on the piano.  The lead singer in the quartet bellows with true conviction, “If you’re in sin, He’ll set you free. Listen, whenever you’re feeling down, down as can be, I recommend…Jesus for all your needs.” 


As I look around the room, heads are nodding, feet are tapping, and hands are clapping.  The heads, hands, and feet belong to other prisoners and their families, professors, and blue uniformed guards – all praising God. 


Friends, Paul and Silas ‘aint got nothing on me. 

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Acts 16:25 NIV  

I spent the afternoon in the jail praising and singing hymns to God.  Today, I had the awesome privilege to join in a Christmas celebration with my inmate friends in the NOBTS program.  (If you can’t remember or don’t know about the NOBTS program, click HERE and  HERE.)


Once again, I was blessed by the time I spent with my friends at the prison.  Many of the men shared, some in song, a few in verse, and some with their testimony.  Each was powerful and unique. We had “church” in that prison today.


After the program, I was introduced to some of the men’s families.  Others of them told me how their families were reading my devotions from their homes.  I wanted to say “hello” to each of you.  I appreciate you allowing me to share in your lives. 


To my regular readers, I leave you with this.  “Whenever you’re feeling down, down as can be, I recommend Jesus.”  He’s all you need. 


**By the way, the Prison Quartet could sing “I Recommend Jesus” even better than the men from The Canton Spirituals.  I wish I could have recorded it for you to hear. I could have listened to them all day.

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