One More Serving – A Book Review

Apr 27

You know how you feel when you take the last bite of Oreo cheesecake? Or maybe hot apple cobbler with ice cream on top? You wish for more. Just one more serving.

That’s the feeling I was left with after reading Kathy Brunner’s book, One More Serving. When I told Kathy I’d love to read her book and give it a review, I had no idea how touched I would become. Touched by the stories she tells of life changing moments. In her book, Kathy shares stories of people who’ve hit rock bottom and gotten back up. She draws you in with her descriptions of life changing events and how those events have shaped individuals into something more. More than ordinary.

Kathy tells the story of Bobby, who never dreamed when he kissed his wife goodnight, his life was about to change. While he slept, a drunk driver crashed his truck through the walls of Bobby’s home and ran over his sleeping wife. But Bobby didn’t let the death of his wife paralyze him. He used it as motivation to encourage others to make a difference in their own lives.

This is just one of the incredible stories in the book. Some are so astonishing, you won’t be able to put the book down. Kathy’s words and the stories she tells will inspire you. Want to see for yourself? Visit her website to order your own copy of the book.

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