Chicken Soup Makes Me Want to Sing

Oct 6

Something was out of place. I reached across my daughter’s bed to make it and caught something out of the corner of my eye. A microphone. It was stretched from her CD player to her bedside. On top of the purple quilted pillow sham beside Faith’s bed was her microphone.

I tucked her in the night before and knew the singing aid was not there then. As I waited for my daughter to brush her teeth and return to the room, I remembered the events of last night. She found a Veggitales CD in the van. “This is a new one!” she told me.

“No, we’ve had it for a while,” I assured her.

“Well, I’m listening to it tonight.” And she ran to her room to get the CD ready for bedtime music.

I smiled remembering and crossed the room to see what songs had drawn her so much she had to sing along.

I read the first two songs…Come, Now is the Time to Worship and God of Wonders.

My heart swelled and my face reflected. I know how you feel sweet girl. Sometimes, you just have to sing.

Today, I’m singing about Chicken Soup. Chicken Soup for the Soul – that is. I am so excited to announce that yesterday Chicken Soup for the Soul, Devotionals for Mothers was released. And I’m singing even louder about the story on page 141.

You guessed it. It’s me. One of my stories is published inside. I’ve been reading my copy and it’s wonderful. Every story is a delight. If you see a copy, pick it up and see if you can find my story. Be sure you turn the page at the end of my story because they even made an adorable cartoon of my devotion! Then do a little jig for me. When people stare at you funny, just say, “My friend is published in here!”

Thank you for reading and following as I walk through the steps of publication! If you read P31 Woman magazine, I also have an article in their October issue. You can get a subscription HERE.

Now you see why I’m singing? God is good!

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  • Cheri Oct 6 at 12:33 pm

    YAY! That's great Carol!

  • Leah Clancy Oct 7 at 1:59 am

    You prob don't remember me, but we met a few years ago in a class you taught at the Glorietta writer's conference. I have been following your blog since. Congrats on your story! I am honored to say I am in the same book, page 221. There are some great stories in there huh? I really enjoyed yours. I also enjoy your blog. I have a devotional blog too, if you have time I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Congrats again on your story!!!!

  • Anonymous Oct 7 at 9:02 pm

    Hi Carol.l Your cousin (Jane) from Wisconsin here. This is quite an accomplishment — WOW & CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • journeywalker Oct 11 at 2:31 am

    Hi Carol!
    I was just searching for comments about Chicken Soup for the Soul & came across your site~loved your story! My "Jedi knights" are all grown, but I could definitely relate to your son's antics! I also found Leah's story on p. 221 – very nice! I am also a contributor to the book & my story is on p. 53! God is so good~even bringing Moms together through their writings, books, and the internet! I look forward to reading more writings from both of you!
    Meagan Greene Friberg

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