Not What I Expected

Mar 8

Yesterday, I received a gift. I didn’t know it was coming, and it took my breath away. A simple brown box from New York – containing two of the books I helped write.

Yep. You heard me correctly.

For those of you who know me personally, you are not surprised. I’ve talked and talked and talked….and talked about writing this devotional book for Guideposts. Daily Guideposts: Your First Year of Motherhood. It’s written by me and nineteen other moms and one dad. (It’s an equal opportunity book.)

And it’s by far one of the most exciting things I’ve done thus far in my writing career. It was finished (well – my part was) last September, and I’ve waited on it like waiting for eggs to hatch.

So, I took the box and slid a knife over the packing tape to reveal the contents. The smell of cardboard wafted my way, but I dug further. Under the brown crumpled filler paper were two books. I gently reached in to hold one in my hand.

I expected to jump up and down all squealy – my normal response for super happy events. But it wasn’t in me. Not because I wasn’t excited about the book. My rapid heart beat was proof of that.

I couldn’t jump and squeal because of the power of God. It was a holy experience. In that moment, the thought that God planned this for me before my birth came whooshing in and took my breath away.

Since then, I have poured through the devotions. (Yes, of course searching for each of mine.) They are beautifully written, and I am honored to be among such talented individuals.

The book was actually written for new moms. It is a yearly devotional with stories and tidbits of wisdom to carry them through the first year. But I’ve been reading it, and I can tell you ANY mom would love it.

My devotions are all centered on the birth and first year of Grace. Rereading the story of her birth and time in the hospital has brought back many memories.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon. Its release date is April 1, so I’m sure I’ll talk about it some more. And more and more. You get the picture. Will you praise God with me today?

Lord, I am so thankful for the opportunity you allowed to work with Guideposts to publish a book. I am also humbled you would use me. You are a mighty and awesome God. Please bless each of the mothers who read the book. Draw them close with each word. Continue to use me, Lord. Amen.

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  • Anonymous Mar 8 at 5:59 pm

    So awesome sweet friend!! I'm honored to have you in my life. So proud to watch you use the talents and abilities God has given you for His Glory.

    Love you girl ~ Erin Brewer

  • Erin MacPherson Mar 9 at 2:12 am

    Hi Carol! First of all, great to meet you and thanks for coming to my blog. Second of all, EEK! Isn't it so excited to see all that work in print? I got my copies of DG4NM yesterday, too and I was so excited to see it. I haven't read them all but the devotionals are so, so so great!! Anyway, congrats on your work and let's stay in touch!

  • kathy Mar 9 at 2:18 am


    I know what a thrill this must have been! Many congratulations! Hope to hear about more of your writings in more books (maybe one of your own :>)

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