How Bad Do You Need It?

May 20

My husband needs a haircut. Sorry, honey. But you do. He was going to cut it over the weekend but the haircut place he usually frequents closed down. He walked back in the house with hair carelessly dangling over his ears.

“Why didn’t you go to the other haircut place across from the mall?” I questioned him.

“Too much trouble,” he offered while the hairs danced around his ears and stuck out their collective tongues at me.

Sunday morning as we rode to church I glanced at the handsome driver of our mini-van, but all I could see was hair. Hair needing to be cut. I sat thinking he should have gone to the trouble. He was looking wooly – in a ruggedly handsome manner of style. But he needed a haircut nonetheless.

“You really need to get your haircut,” I tossed out.

“Yeah, I know,” he said cutting his eyes at me in a daredevil kind of way.

He obviously didn’t see the need as great as I. I would have planned a babysitter, driven across town in traffic, and waited forty-five minutes reading the latest haircut magazines all in efforts to cut my locks.

Do I treat God the same way? How much effort do I put into finding time to meet with the Father? Do I pass on my time with him because my schedule didn’t line up just right? Maybe I say, “Too much trouble.”

Or do I make time with Him? Do I put aside everything else and jump through hoops to find time alone with my Maker?

I do both. Some days, I do jump through hoops, and I am always blessed and leave Him looking beautiful. And on other days I say “Too much trouble,” not with my words but with my actions. And guess what? I walk around with menacing hairs galloping around my head. They tell all the world NOT of the places I have been but of the places I haven’t.

So, if you see my husband, nonchalantly offer him a haircut coupon. If you see my Father, tell Him I’m coming I just have to get through some traffic to get there.

**This post was originally posted in November of 2008. We are busy with the last days of school before summer. Well – that and my son broke his foot on Sunday! 🙁 Never a dull moment. In any case, I haven’t been getting time to write lately. I hope you enjoy this re-run.**


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  • Amy Sullivan May 20 at 5:26 pm

    Glad you decided to rerun because it is new to me!

    Lately, I have been terrible about making time for God. You know when I choose laundry and reorganizing over quiet time it's not a good sign. Sometimes I think I ignore time with God when I have big stuff to work out…hmmm.

    Hope life slows down for you soon. Summer is almost here!

  • Anonymous May 21 at 3:28 pm

    i'm sorry to hear about your son's foot but i'm so glad you reran that article. those words were really helpful.bless ya

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