The Dance of the Pepper Shaker

Oct 23

When he pulled that peppershaker out of the bag I almost laughed out loud.

Fourteen years earlier we stood on separate aisles of Target – me with crossed arms and him wondering if we would ever make it. With scanner gun in hand, I stared at the rows of salt and pepper shakers. Wooden? How could I possibly season my food with wooden salt and pepper shakers?

Join me at 5 Minutes for Faith today to find out more about my pepper shaker. Click HERE to read the rest of my devotion.

And because I LOVE a buy one get one free deal, you are getting TWO devotions today for the price of one. I am also posting today for the Presidential Prayer Team. Join me HERE to read my devotion and help pray for our president.

**As a reminder, this particular link is only good for one day. So if you read it past Sunday, you will have to select today’s date (10/23/11) on this link to read my devotion.

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