Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

Jan 13

I didn’t think anyone would notice.

I felt like a schoolgirl putting it on. I squirted it carefully on my fingertip and smoothed it across my lids, the ones half covering eyes that spent the day bouncing from kitchen countertops to laundry basins. Eyes that searched for missing pacifiers and scanned the pantry for dinner ideas.

It sparkled – or rather, once it was applied, I sparkled. This tiny tube of eye gel with glitter was a gift from a friend. A friend who understands me. A friend who knows what makes me tick. And glittery eyes do just that. In my faded tee and jeans, I glanced down at my slippered feet and back to the mirror wondering if I needed lipstick. Can one have uptown eyes and naked lips?

I was ready for my grand outing of the day – a trip to the bus stop. I put my glasses on in order to see the kids hop off the bus from a distance but wondered if they hid my pizzazz.

My dark-haired beauty was the second arrival in our family but the first off the bus.

I found myself grinning before she even reached me, thinking of my newfound beauty secret.

Seeing me, she ran up the hill and showered me with love to make up for the hours we were apart. Her arms around me, she looked up and tilted her head with a grin.

“Mommy, why do you have glitter on your eyes?”

I’m not sure if I giggled because she noticed or because I felt young and hip, but I draped my arm across her shoulders, guided her towards the house and told her my reason.

“I just do.”


Thank you God for the simplicity of every day. Thank you for friends that know me to the core. Thank you that my children notice me. And thank you Lord for glittery eye gel.


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  • Alan Jan 13 at 3:39 pm

    Love it!

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