When Life is Hard to Swallow

Feb 17


I’m really not a dog lover.

I don’t tell cute dog stories over coffee with friends. It’s not often my dog has a picture on Facebook. But, there are times when I look at the floppy ears on her hair-dropping self and think, “You’re pretty cute. When you don’t stink and aren’t shaking tufts of fur all over the house and aren’t licking your…”

Well, let’s just leave it at that…

I’m posting over at the Internet Cafe today. Click HERE to read the rest of my devotion.


And today is the last day of my t-shirt sale to support my mission trip to the Dominican Republic. After today, you will not be able to order a shirt, so if you wanted an Everyday Missionary shirt, don’t miss out! HERE is the link for a t-shirt order.

For those of you who have ordered one already and for those of you who are praying, thank you!!

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