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  • God, Grace, & Girlfriends Giveaway!!

    It was pure jealousy that resulted in the new competition getting pushed out the window. But it was true friendship that brought him home again. Yep. I’m talking about Buzz and Woody. While Woody…

    May 14
  • He Knows My Name and Another Book Giveaway!!

    Grace’s babbling over the baby monitor drew me out of sleep. I listened, smiled, and rolled over. Her constant, incoherent chatter soon lulled me into drowsiness, until two syllables snapped me awake… Happy Monday!…

    May 9
  • Pillow Prayers and a Book Giveaway!

    Lack of sleep can endanger lives. I listened to the news report and let out a laugh. The story was about new attempts to shorten the hours doctors work in their first year of…

    May 2