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  • In His Presence

    I’ve been promising to write about my mission trip to the Dominican Republic for a while. Forgive me for putting it off. Honestly, I could sit and talk about the experience all day. But…

    Jul 2
  • Don’t Forget Mighty God

    It’s summertime! You’ll have to forgive my long absences as I’m trying to make the most of the time I have with all my kids home from school. We enjoyed going to the beach…

    Jun 18
  • Creating a Pleasing Ambiance

    Alan and I love to find cute little out of the way places to eat. (Notice I didn’t say hole in the wall. It has to be really clean for me to eat there.)…

    Oct 29
  • Fire Safety App for Kids

    October is Fire Safety month. Back in the years when I was a teacher, as October rolled around I would plan all sorts of Fire Safety lessons and activities. Now that I’m a mom,…

    Oct 8
  • Blurring Out the Background

    “Mom, can I use your camera? I want to make a Lego stop motion movie.” My son paused, waiting for my answer. Inside my head, the pros and cons were having a war. He…

    Jul 18