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  • Why Didn’t God Answer?

    She woke me in the dead of night and spoke the words a mother dreads. “Mama, I don’t feel good.” “What’s wrong?” I croaked, throwing back the covers to slide my feet to the…

    May 15
  • The Ultimate Gift

    I hope you and yours enjoy some sweet time with your family as you think about the birth of our Lord and the Ultimate Gift. Enjoy this post from a few years ago, and…

    Dec 24
  • When You Forget the Words

    We were in the middle of the prayer when she cried out. My husband paused, and we squeezed open our eyes a little to see what the problem was. “I wanted to do Thank…

    Dec 17
  • You’ve Been Blessed! {printable poem}

    Last week, my girlfriend Amy Wyatt and I were trying to create some Christmas ideas to do with our families for the 25 days of Christmas. We wrote down things like bake cookies, go…

    Dec 5