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  • sheep to the right has a new site!

    I couldn’t believe it licked me. Well, let’s be honest, I couldn’t believe I was standing in a sheep pasture holding a sheep. Those that know me will know I’m not a huge animal…

    Oct 31
  • Redeemed

    We had traveled from Georgia to California just to eat at McDonald’s. “Mom, I’m so thirsty,” I managed to squeak out between parched lips. I thought I was going to die. I’d heard of…

    Sep 13
  • Hurry!

    “Hurry, let’s go!” I’m sure I say it at least three times on a good day. And on the not so good days? Well, let’s just say it’s more than three, and leave it…

    Mar 11
  • State of the Nation

    As far as the eye can see there is devastation. Rubble is heaped where buildings once stood. Ebony skin is covered in blood and dust. On the streets are bodies lying haphazard, some covered…

    Jan 15
  • Links to Prison Article and Pictures

    Photo by Vino Wong, VWONG@AJC.COM I thought you would all enjoy these links. There is a link to the whole picture gallery, along with a story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Enjoy! For pictures, click…

    Dec 22