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  • Is God Really Perfect?

    I knew the tears were coming. As the church stood to sing, I heard the opening notes and recognized the tune immediately. We sang it at her funeral. “You’re a good, good Father…” I…

    Apr 28
  • You Can’t Hide From Jesus

    If I’m honest, I was pouting. I know I’m blessed beyond measure, but things hadn’t been going my way. It was two weeks before Christmas, and I needed to buy stamps from the post…

    Jan 5
  • I Can’t Find Jesus ANYwhere!

    Hey friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and typed out words for you to read. So much has happened while we’ve been apart – me and you. I’ve had a heartbreak.…

    Jan 9
  • When the Pain Causes You to Shuffle

    “You okay?” I watched the love of my life rub his knee and wince. Some seven weeks earlier, he was in surgery to repair his acl and torn meniscus. There was more damage on…

    Jun 14
  • Why Didn’t God Answer?

    She woke me in the dead of night and spoke the words a mother dreads. “Mama, I don’t feel good.” “What’s wrong?” I croaked, throwing back the covers to slide my feet to the…

    May 15