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  • Learning to Smile from the Inside Out

    It was our third snow day, and I was passing out chores like candy. Around the house were trails of discarded mittens and scarves, random shoes and a smattering of toys. To top it…

    Mar 18
  • When Life is Hard to Swallow

    I’m really not a dog lover. I don’t tell cute dog stories over coffee with friends. It’s not often my dog has a picture on Facebook. But, there are times when I look at…

    Feb 17
  • Why I’m Choosing to Pierce My Tongue

    My mom and dad wouldn’t let me have my ears double pierced. It was hard enough to convince them to let me get the first holes. I was twelve before that happened. So, I…

    Jan 21
  • Why Are We Christians

    Her question brought me to a halt. Just the two of us were shoe shopping at the mall – no older brother or younger sister to vie for attention. “Mom, why are we Christians?”…

    Nov 22