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  • Learning to Be a Mom

    I watched my daughter Grace on the swing set yesterday. Dinner was cooked and waiting on daddy to arrive, so I ventured to the back yard and pulled up a chair to watch my…

    May 28
  • Learning to Listen in 3 Easy Steps

    I wrote this a few years back for the Internet Cafe, but my son reminded me of it last night. We got a good chuckle, so I thought I’d share it again with you…

    Oct 30
  • When Words Fail

    Sometimes words fail. It’s not often I say that because I’m a words person. I love to use them any way I can – talk, type, stamp – you name it. But today, friends,…

    Mar 28
  • Be Careful Who You Trust

    Plates were scraped from left over bites of turkey and dressing. The women chattered in the kitchen, giggling over secret mom stories. The kids spilled out of the house into the crisp air. I…

    Nov 14
  • How to Make your Valentine #1

    A splash of color caught my eye as my fingers stretched and popped over my keyboard. Glancing down at my hand, I found the culprit. Mashed between gold settings and the flash of diamonds…

    Feb 13