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  • Presidential Prayer Team

    Do you ever worry about the state of our nation? Have you taken those concerns to the Lord? Well, there is an incredible group of people that have committed to prayer for our nation’s…

    Apr 7
  • Praise and Paraphrase – Author Interview

    From time to time, I like to share people and books with you that I think you’ll enjoy. This is one such occasion. I’d like to introduce you to a sweet woman of God…

    Mar 17
  • The Perfect Tattoo

    I felt her presence beside me and looked up to see my daughter with her hands together in the beg position. “Mama, can I pleeeease have this tattoo?” she asked holding out the item…

    Jul 16
  • A Journey to Africa – Part 2

    The Ricks Family Heather, Jason, Jeremy, and Jonathan This is the second part to my interview with Heather Ricks. Be sure to read the Part 1, if you missed it.  CAROL:  How did you…

    Jun 10
  • Love Letter to my Child

    Dear Colin,  I love you more than words can express.  No matter what I love you.  When you fight with Faith in the back seat, I love you then.  When your apple falls from…

    Apr 3