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  • Minted – You’re Gonna Love it!

    Who doesn’t love it when a box shows up at the front door? I almost squealed when this one came because I knew what was inside. During the summer, I was contacted by the…

    Aug 29
  • With Privilege Comes Responsibility

    “Ms. Hatcher, we’d like to present you with these cross necklaces as a token of our appreciation.” I stared at the two necklaces in my hand delicately wrapped in a sheet of copy paper,…

    Dec 23
  • The Ultimate Gift

    It was Christmas morning. We sat on the floor surrounded with crumpled paper and presents watching our then one-year-old daughter squeal and clap over her gifts. The tree twinkled on and off while out…

    Dec 20
  • …Then Comes Marriage

    Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the end or the middle? Does toilet paper go on the roll so you pull from the top or the bottom? Do you know how to talk so…

    Apr 7
  • Not So Perfect

    My daughter Faith brought me a pink piece of Hello Kitty notebook paper the other day. She had written out John 3:16 in its entirety. My heart burst with pride as I asked her…

    Mar 17