A Pink Bible and Crumbs

Jun 27

I wiped off the table crumbs from dinner and headed towards the trashcan. As I walked past the bar, the color pink caught my eye and I turned to notice my eight-year-old’s pink Bible lined up next to mine.

I’d walked past them all day not paying any attention. But seeing them lined up made me smile. That morning as I sat in my regular spot at the counter reading my Bible, my little girl appeared next to me. “Mama?” she asked, “Can I read the Bible with you?”

“Of course you can,” I told her, somewhat surprised she asked.

She dashed off, calling over her shoulder, “I’m gonna get my Bible so I can read along. You will read out loud to me, won’t you?”

Grace returned with her pink Bible in tow. She pulled up a seat right next to me and looked over at my Bible to find where I was reading.

“I’m in Esther,” I told her and flipped her Bible to the right spot. I explained how Esther went to live at the palace and how she became queen as my daughter listened mesmerized by the ancient story. Once I caught her up on the back story, I began reading aloud at chapter five.
I watched as my little girl ran her finger along the thin wispy pages, following the lines as I read. She hung on every word, only stopping me to say things like, “Wow!” or “Haman was really mean!”

I ran out of time before finishing the story and told her we would pick up on the next day where we left off. I didn’t have time that day to spend pouring through my prayer journal as I prayed because I had an appointment and I’d spent extra time reading with Grace. But I slipped off my stool and headed to the shower saying a quick prayer of thanks.

“Thank you, Lord, for my little girl and her tender heart towards you.”

So at the end of a long and weary day of getting to appointments, picking up dry cleaning, doing laundry and trying to get something that resembles food on the table, I saw that little pink Bible and found a reason to praise God.

Thank you Lord for my children. Thank you for how they are growing to love you. Help me guide them to love you and others. I praise you for a sweet little girl and her precious pink Bible. Amen.

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