Don’t Believe the Lies

Jan 6

As I was getting ready last Sunday for church, I fell deep in my thoughts. I’m not sure what provoked it, but I began thinking about a person who hurt me. This individual severed our friendship, but I don’t understand why. I ran through scenarios of what could have happened. I thought of many possibilities of what I might have done to cause this person enough pain to cut me off. It’s an old hurt but a deep one. 

As I thought of possibilities of what I might have done, I also thought, “Who are you to share God’s truth when you don’t know how to show love? Obviously – because you’ve caused such hurt.”It didn’t stop there. 

“Who do you think you are? No one listens to what you post on Facebook or anywhere else. Who cares what you say? People only tolerate you. They scroll on past. You need to stop sharing what you think is God’s truth. If you can’t even figure out why you hurt this person, what makes you think you are smart enough to share something as complicated as the Word of God?”

The lies were familiar. I’ve heard them before, and I’m sure I will hear them again. Before I spiraled into self-doubt, I stopped and prayed. “Lord, please shut satan’s mouth. Block out the lies. Help me to know your Truth. Draw near me, Lord.” 

I continued applying my make-up but couldn’t shake the feeling. I thought about asking my husband to pray for me, but I even worried about that. “He will know I’m dwelling on all this more than I should. I don’t want to ask him.”

Y’all satan is tricky. He whispered lies and wanted me to feel alone. He didn’t want me to ask for help, which is why I swallowed my pride and walked into the bedroom and did just that. My sweet godly husband stood up, drew me to him, and said, “Carol, satan always starts with ‘Who are…’ but God starts with ‘You are…’ Remember that.” Then he prayed over me. 

The peace that comes from prayer is like no other. I decided to open up to each of you, my readers, and show my vulnerability because I want you to know you are not alone. Satan wants us to believe we can’t share our feelings. Don’t believe that lie. 

Don’t believe the lies he whispers in the depths of your soul. After my experience, I thought I would make a list of some of the lies we hear and combat them with Truth from God’s Word. I’ve made it a downloadable PDF, so you can print this and post it where you will see it often or place it in your Bible. 

God, my prayer today is to see myself through Your eyes. I am who you say that I am. Block out satan’s lies. Bind him and cast him far from here. Fill me with your spirit. Amen. 

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