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  • When Someone Gets in Front of Your Miracle

    He was desperate. Yet in that despair came a glimmer of hope. He’d heard stories of the one they called Teacher. He’d never seen any of the miracles, but there was talk of him…

    Aug 22
  • It’s All in Who You Know

    Try to make it in any business and you’ll find this statement to be true. If you know someone on the inside, they can help bring you on board. It’s the basis of LinkedIn,…

    Sep 20
  • Preparing a Plan of Attack

    There are two ways to do just about anything – carefully plan or wing it. Most of the time, I’m a carefully-plan-it kind of girl. I love making lists. I used to write out…

    Sep 22
  • Learning to Have Patience

    “Mama, will you play my new game I got for Christmas with me?” Grace asked. It was a floor game; not one you can play neatly at the kitchen table. I imagined crawling around…

    Feb 2