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  • You Can’t Hide From Jesus

    If I’m honest, I was pouting. I know I’m blessed beyond measure, but things hadn’t been going my way. It was two weeks before Christmas, and I needed to buy stamps from the post…

    Jan 5
  • No Gumball Answers

    Did you know the first ever vending machine dispensed holy water? I wonder if kids jumped up and down begging for a quarter for some. Join me today where I’m posting with The Presidential…

    Sep 6
  • Blurring Out the Background

    “Mom, can I use your camera? I want to make a Lego stop motion movie.” My son paused, waiting for my answer. Inside my head, the pros and cons were having a war. He…

    Jul 18
  • Living In Thanksgiving

    In a cabin on the edge of the Smoky Mountains, she sits together at a table with her parents and children. In her eyes are strength and beauty, but behind them there is brokenness…

    Nov 21
  • Be Careful Who You Trust

    Plates were scraped from left over bites of turkey and dressing. The women chattered in the kitchen, giggling over secret mom stories. The kids spilled out of the house into the crisp air. I…

    Nov 14