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  • Are You Okay?

    “Are you okay?” Ever answered “yes” when you knew you weren’t really feeling okay? I have Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed at age 12. For 32 years I have walked the tight rope…

    May 9
  • You Can’t Hide From Jesus

    If I’m honest, I was pouting. I know I’m blessed beyond measure, but things hadn’t been going my way. It was two weeks before Christmas, and I needed to buy stamps from the post…

    Jan 5
  • No Gumball Answers

    Did you know the first ever vending machine dispensed holy water? I wonder if kids jumped up and down begging for a quarter for some. Join me today where I’m posting with The Presidential…

    Sep 6
  • Blurring Out the Background

    “Mom, can I use your camera? I want to make a Lego stop motion movie.” My son paused, waiting for my answer. Inside my head, the pros and cons were having a war. He…

    Jul 18
  • Living In Thanksgiving

    In a cabin on the edge of the Smoky Mountains, she sits together at a table with her parents and children. In her eyes are strength and beauty, but behind them there is brokenness…

    Nov 21