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  • How to Be Thankful When there is Poop in the Tub

    I could hear her pouting from across the room. “Hrmph!” My seven-year-old crossed her arms and made mad sighing noises. “But you usually let me get in the tub with Grace,” she whined. I…

    Aug 19
  • The World is Too Big

    We left the restaurant hand in hand. With stomachs full, we chatted about light topics like the garlic rolls and the cool night air. We stood, toes on the edge of the curb, deciding…

    Oct 4
  • Meet in the Middle

    “Could you hand me the remote?” I reached out and leaned towards my eight-year-old son, so he could place the controller in my hand. Instead, he stayed curled on the couch under his blanket…

    Jan 11