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  • A Pink Bible and Crumbs

    I wiped off the table crumbs from dinner and headed towards the trashcan. As I walked past the bar, the color pink caught my eye and I turned to notice my eight-year-old’s pink Bible…

    Jun 27
  • Learning to Be a Mom

    I watched my daughter Grace on the swing set yesterday. Dinner was cooked and waiting on daddy to arrive, so I ventured to the back yard and pulled up a chair to watch my…

    May 28
  • Learning to Have Patience

    “Mama, will you play my new game I got for Christmas with me?” Grace asked. It was a floor game; not one you can play neatly at the kitchen table. I imagined crawling around…

    Feb 2
  • Don’t Forget Mighty God

    It’s summertime! You’ll have to forgive my long absences as I’m trying to make the most of the time I have with all my kids home from school. We enjoyed going to the beach…

    Jun 18
  • Parenting is Like Play-doh

    Have you ever heard, “Life is like a box of chocolates” from the popular movie Forrest Gump? Well, I have a new phrase for you to quote: Parenting is like Play-doh. It’s messy. Have…

    Nov 12