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  • Preparing a Plan of Attack

    There are two ways to do just about anything – carefully plan or wing it. Most of the time, I’m a carefully-plan-it kind of girl. I love making lists. I used to write out…

    Sep 22
  • Dominican Mission Trip Day Two

    Thankfully, our Tennessee team arrived a little before dinner on Friday night. So Saturday morning, we woke early and were ready to start the women’s conference. Maria, one of our interpreters, asked me a…

    Mar 5
  • Don’t Trust the President

    I’m sure I’ll take some flak for this post. And that’s okay; I have to share anyway. Now before you go all “conspiracy theory” on me, may I remind you of THIS post? I’m…

    Jul 25
  • Don’t Forget Mighty God

    It’s summertime! You’ll have to forgive my long absences as I’m trying to make the most of the time I have with all my kids home from school. We enjoyed going to the beach…

    Jun 18
  • Perfect Present

    I love to Christmas shop! I get great joy in finding just the perfect gift for the people on my list. Join me at The Presidential Prayer Team today where I’m posting about gifts.…

    Dec 6