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  • The Dance of the Pepper Shaker

    When he pulled that peppershaker out of the bag I almost laughed out loud. Fourteen years earlier we stood on separate aisles of Target – me with crossed arms and him wondering if we…

    Oct 23
  • Never Let You Down

    “I’m not a crook.” Richard Nixon’s infamous words to the Associated Press in November 1973 were simply stated, but untrue. One of the most famous break-ins in history was pinned on the nation’s top…

    Jul 7
  • The Power of a Conjunction

    Have you ever thought about the power of the conjunction? A conjunction connects words, phrases, or clauses.It builds bridges between words, pathways linking words that may have otherwise never been united.One of my favorite…

    Jun 30
  • Insufficient

    I bounced a check. There. It’s out. I wish I could tell you my insufficient funds were for a twenty thousand dollar super speedy motorboat with a deluxe bathroom on board. Instead I bounced…

    Jun 10
  • Why My House is Messy

    I’m a self-proclaimed neat freak who is drawn to the messy. Yeah, before you say it, I know. I’m a walking dichotomy. In college, a clean dorm room was a must. Curling iron and…

    Jun 6