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  • Don’t Believe the Lies

    As I was getting ready last Sunday for church, I fell deep in my thoughts. I’m not sure what provoked it, but I began thinking about a person who hurt me. This individual severed…

    Jan 6
  • Girdles Aren’t Just for Grandmas

    My son, Colin, started playing football this year for the first time ever. He is fourteen and is already over six feet tall, so people have been advising him to get into football for…

    Oct 16
  • Why Not Ninjas? When Angels Know Ninjutsu

    Like 27 million other Americans, our family watched The History Channel’s newest series called The Bible. I have to tell you we loved it. Yes, I was sad the Joseph story was not included.…

    Mar 6
  • Truth Journey

    “I cannot tell a lie.” America’s first president was famous for many things, but one of the most popular stories about George Washington involves a hatchet, a cherry tree and his inability to fib.…

    Feb 6