Two Reasons to Buy a Mac or She’s a Maniac

Feb 15

Okay, here are my two reasons to buy a Mac.  
1.  Photo Booth
2. iMovie
(These are the applications that allowed me to create this Oscar Winning presentation.  These and my husband who is a graphic designer and figured out how to put it on the blog.  Gotta love him!)
Is there any end to my craziness?  Well, not really.  It’s just so fun!  But y’all – I’m crazy for Jesus! Did I hear somebody say AMEN?  Now that we’re real friendly and all, I’m going to tell you about a piece of dirt.   Yes, you heard me correctly.
Several of you asked me in the comments on my last post about the dirt poem.  Well, here is the story.  Back in high school, my english teacher was teaching a lesson on poetry.  She was elaborating on the best topics for poems.  She said you could write a poem about anything – well, almost anything.  
I’ve been known to be somewhat contrary from time to time.  So, I assured the teacher that you could, in fact, write a poem about anything.  (I’m sure she appreciated me enlightening her.)  I went on to tell her that if one wanted to write about something as trivial as a piece of dirt, one could.  So, she challenged one to do so.  
To make a long story short, I wrote a poem about a piece of dirt, and my teacher loved it.  She sent it to represent the school at a county-wide poetry competition, and it won!  
(Wait just one minute.  I’m going to take this crazy post you thought was going nowhere and turn it around for Jesus.  That’s just the kind of girl I am.) 
Winning the poetry contest with my poem entitled “A Piece of Dirt” was taking I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me to new levels.  Is there someone telling you today that you can’t do something?  Maybe it’s your own insecurities or maybe a family member or maybe it’s even mean ole’ Satan trying to keep you down.  Don’t give up.  You really can do anything through Christ.  Just remember the piece of dirt poem and believe it!
p.s. After all that, I do not have a copy of the dirt poem – even after Alan searched the Internet last night thinking that with its high literary value, it was surely out there somewhere.  Sorry!

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