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  • Portable God

    A sudden intake of air is followed by a squeal. “Mommy!!!” My baby girl calls my name and her feet do a dance on the mattress of her crib. She runs across the crib…

    Oct 27
  • Holy Lightning

    “Lord, please strike him with a holy bolt of lightening,” I prayed. “No real damage. Just enough to scorch him a little.” Okay, so I don’t normally pray for my husband’s ruin, but let…

    Aug 23
  • Armor On

    Do you have on your armor? Join me at The Presidential Prayer Team to read my devotion there today. Click HERE. ***I will remind you again – this link is only good for my…

    Apr 21
  • Salad Bar Bible

    I treat my Bible like the salad bar at Denny’s. No, I don’t load it up with cucumber slivers and bacon bits. The thought of blue cheese drizzling over the gold-edged pages, pooling on…

    Apr 15
  • Sweet Talkin’ Ken

    Have you ever wanted to program your husband to say the right things? Imagine. You walk down the stairs for a coveted date night with the man of your life after spending hours choosing…

    Apr 11