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  • A Pink Bible and Crumbs

    I wiped off the table crumbs from dinner and headed towards the trashcan. As I walked past the bar, the color pink caught my eye and I turned to notice my eight-year-old’s pink Bible…

    Jun 27
  • When Your Cake is Ugly

    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4 NIV I love planning birthday parties for my kids. I get into creating themed parties with decor and food to match.…

    May 17
  • How to Be Thankful When there is Poop in the Tub

    I could hear her pouting from across the room. “Hrmph!” My seven-year-old crossed her arms and made mad sighing noises. “But you usually let me get in the tub with Grace,” she whined. I…

    Aug 19
  • One and Only

    I moved up against the wall so she could get past. “Granny, do you want to sit there?” the lady behind her questioned pointing towards the seat I just left. Granny didn’t answer. She…

    Feb 4
  • Lost Game System

    My daughter’s hand-held gaming system is lost. And yours probably is, too. I don’t mean we can’t find it. I mean it doesn’t know Jesus. Now before you half of you send me emails…

    Jan 21