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  • Breath of Life

    A 95-year-old Chinese woman surprised her community by climbing from her coffin nearly a week after her supposed death. Neighbors assumed she was deceased because she wasn’t breathing and they couldn’t wake her… Yes.…

    Mar 21
  • Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe.

    He was desperate. Yet in that despair came a glimmer of hope. He’d heard stories of the one they called Teacher. He’d never seen any of the miracles, but there was talk of him…

    Nov 7
  • There is Life IN Death

    My Sunday school teacher is dead. His death was just as blunt and rude as that statement. We were given no time to say good-bye, no adjustment period, no moments (even fleeting) to allow…

    Feb 8
  • When Friends Betray You

    If you dig down enough, the tender spots are still there. Betrayal runs deep. “Every time I call, her mom says she can’t come to the phone,” I shared with my own mother, confused.…

    Apr 22