Breath of Life

Mar 21


A 95-year-old Chinese woman surprised her community by climbing from her coffin nearly a week after her supposed death. Neighbors assumed she was deceased because she wasn’t breathing and they couldn’t wake her…

Yes. Shocking, I know! Come read the rest today at The Presidential Prayer Team. Click HERE to find out what happened.

*Reminder: This link is only direct for today. After today, you must click on the drop down menu and select today’s date, March 21. 

Maybe you need to hear this today.

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  • Mai Bateson Mar 25 at 11:35 am

    He performs miracles in our lives.. He can move mountains.. We have a very loving God. Kinda funny but really an amazing story! 🙂 Praise God.

    • Carol Mar 25 at 11:39 am

      He certainly does Mai! Praise God, indeed!

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