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  • Dominican Mission Trip Day Two

    Thankfully, our Tennessee team arrived a little before dinner on Friday night. So Saturday morning, we woke early and were ready to start the women’s conference. Maria, one of our interpreters, asked me a…

    Mar 5
  • Dominican Mission Trip Day 1

    This is my second international mission trip. My second time to the Dominican, and I find it just as hard to put my experience into words this time as it was the last. So,…

    Feb 27
  • Meeting a Princess

    I wasn’t expecting to cry. I went on mission trips as a child – upper state New York twice, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania – but never out of the country. We drove into Mexico, sightseeing,…

    Jan 21
  • In His Presence

    I’ve been promising to write about my mission trip to the Dominican Republic for a while. Forgive me for putting it off. Honestly, I could sit and talk about the experience all day. But…

    Jul 2
  • When Words Fail

    Sometimes words fail. It’s not often I say that because I’m a words person. I love to use them any way I can – talk, type, stamp – you name it. But today, friends,…

    Mar 28