When Words Fail

Mar 28


Sometimes words fail.

It’s not often I say that because I’m a words person. I love to use them any way I can – talk, type, stamp – you name it.

But today, friends, words fail me. We visited a community afterschool center in the town of La Vega. I was amazed at what we found there.


The mothers and children who greeted us were so warm and inviting. The welcomed us to take pictures and gave us hugs. It was here where I saw what child sponsorship really means. One Vision International, the organization behind this mission trip, partners with the ladies at this afterschool center to help the children.

The building was plain cinder block, but decorated with the most beautiful arts and crafts. You found the typical things you see in a kids program but not in the typical way. The ABCs on the wall in the preschool room were handmade. Some of the play blocks hand painted.

On the wall in and around the center were the most creative flowers fashioned from something they have plentiful – water bottles. The made flags with bottle cap lids and all kids of flowers from the mouths of the bottle.

IMG_0127 IMG_0112-1

One look and I realized how much I take for granted the arts and crafts, not only in my children’s schools, but in my home, as well.

IMG_0208 IMG_0306 IMG_0210

Today, our team divided and conquered. Several went on a prayer walk in the neighborhood to pray for and over the families. Others told Bible stories with an interpreter and made crafts and helped serve snacks. My job was to take pictures of the new kids who needed sponsorships.


If you have ever wondered who that sponsorship money really goes to help, let me show you some of their precious faces.

IMG_0180 IMG_0172 IMG_0157

I’m back at the hotel now for a quick break and am headed out soon to start our ladies’ conference. I speak tonight at 8 pm Eastern. So if you wanted to say a little prayer, I’d appreciate it.

I love you all and will post again when I can. Until then, would you consider partnering with One Vision and sponsor one of these beautiful children?


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  • Alan Mar 28 at 7:49 pm

    There truly are no words to express the feelings of seeing that afterschool center and precious children. Love the picture of you with the little girl!

    Praying for your trip and team.

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