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  • God is Bigger than Mickey

    I’ve just returned from a vacation to Disney World with my family. Our last day was spent at Hollywood Studios where we watched the show Fantasmic. Those of you who’ve seen it are nodding…

    Jul 22
  • Trusted and True

    After the tornados in Oklahoma, someone shared a video on Facebook that had me doing the ugly cry. It inspired me to write about one of the attributes of God in my devotion today…

    Jun 13
  • Here I Am!

    It’s rained for the past week at my house, and I have to admit the rain makes me want to do nothing. And maybe that’s okay. Because most of the time, I’m running and…

    Jan 17
  • A Test of Faith – Part 2 of Grace’s Story

    If you missed the first part of the story, read it HERE. This is Part 2 of Grace’s story: A few weeks before Grace’s birth, I remember telling my friend Jennifer that I wasn’t…

    Sep 11