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  • Is God Really Perfect?

    I knew the tears were coming. As the church stood to sing, I heard the opening notes and recognized the tune immediately. We sang it at her funeral. “You’re a good, good Father…” I…

    Apr 28
  • You Can’t Hide From Jesus

    If I’m honest, I was pouting. I know I’m blessed beyond measure, but things hadn’t been going my way. It was two weeks before Christmas, and I needed to buy stamps from the post…

    Jan 5
  • I Can’t Find Jesus ANYwhere!

    Hey friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and typed out words for you to read. So much has happened while we’ve been apart – me and you. I’ve had a heartbreak.…

    Jan 9
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    My daughter left this morning talking about tomorrow’s party. It is Christmas after all. She labored over what to wear, wanting to look Christmas-y, but not finding anything to fit the bill. We talked…

    Dec 17