I Can’t Find Jesus ANYwhere!

Jan 9

Hey friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and typed out words for you to read. So much has happened while we’ve been apart – me and you.

I’ve had a heartbreak. My precious aunt passed away. I can’t even type those words without a tear or ten. But I also can’t think of her without smiling. I’m sure I’ll write about her more soon, but for now know that a beautiful woman of God has moved to her home in Heaven. Please pray for my family as we grieve the loss of one so great.



Now to some happier news! I’ve been asked to write a column called Giggles and Grace for the new blog Just 18 Summers. I’m super excited about the blog. The idea is that as a parent you only have 18 summers to spend with your children. We need to make the most of the time. This website gives lots of great ideas for parents. It has devotions to share as a family, fun activities to do together, home ideas, family funnies (that’s me) and more!

So, once a month I’ll be posting at Just 18 Summers. But don’t wait for my posts to visit. Sign up at the blog to get their emails. You won’t want to miss anything.

Here is a snippet of today’s family funny:

In the south, funerals are a family affair. When my Memaw passed, we attended what is known as “receiving friends” at the funeral home – where our family accepted the condolences of all who came to pay their last repsects. We took all three children with us. My youngest, Grace, was three at the time. She was especially close to her great-grandmother.

For weeks before her death, we prepared Grace for the inevitable…

Join me HERE today to read the rest of my Giggles and Grace column. And if you are interested in reading the one from last month, click HERE.

I hope you are all having a great start to the year. I’m praying for God to bless each of you.

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  • Ann Wilson Jan 9 at 3:21 pm

    Carol, it was great reading your write up today. I can surely say how your Aunt and Grandmother blessed my life as all of you, that I call my Georgia Family!!! Good Luck on your new project!
    Love Ann

  • Alan Jan 13 at 10:25 am

    Too much personality.

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