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  • Praise and Paraphrase – Author Interview

    From time to time, I like to share people and books with you that I think you’ll enjoy. This is one such occasion. I’d like to introduce you to a sweet woman of God…

    Mar 17
  • The Smell of Normal

    I walk in at her prompting; she’d called my name over and over like the non-stop hum of the a/c. “Mamamamamama.” My entrance stops her mid-stream,and she exchanges chatter for grins. Her little brown…

    Mar 7
  • From Good to Great

    “Thank you Lord for the honor of coming before you to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want,” I prayed and my words trailed off. I sat, legs crossed, on my unmade bed…

    Sep 28
  • Clean Slate

    Every parent, at some point in the life of their child, usually sooner rather than later, will wish for two things. 1. An instruction manual and 2. An off switch. There are moments when…

    Aug 1
  • Anticipation

    Anticipation. When did I lose it? She lies beside me on the bed and kicks her feet. Her brown-green eyes sparkle as I kiss her baby soft cheeks. I raise my hand high above…

    May 17