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  • When the Pain Causes You to Shuffle

    “You okay?” I watched the love of my life rub his knee and wince. Some seven weeks earlier, he was in surgery to repair his acl and torn meniscus. There was more damage on…

    Jun 14
  • When Rejection Comes

    It was the strongest rejection letter I’d ever received.  Each word struck something deep in me and burned like little open nicks on your fingers when the sanitizer hits them. The letter was anything…

    Feb 26
  • Here I Am!

    It’s rained for the past week at my house, and I have to admit the rain makes me want to do nothing. And maybe that’s okay. Because most of the time, I’m running and…

    Jan 17
  • When You Forget the Words

    We were in the middle of the prayer when she cried out. My husband paused, and we squeezed open our eyes a little to see what the problem was. “I wanted to do Thank…

    Dec 17
  • When the Puzzle Doesn’t Fit

    “Hmmm,” my little girl mused as she stared at a picture of Big Bird and wondered where her piece of the puzzle would fit. I watched from a short distance away as my three-year-old…

    Nov 8