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  • No Fees

    Are you one of those who gets bit by the organizer bug each January? There is something about putting away the Christmas decorations and needing to fit them back into storage that makes me…

    Jan 13
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

      Everyone wants a little respect. While some demand it, wise people know you cannot force respect. It is earned – by honoring your word, putting others above yourself, or pitching in when someone…

    Oct 11
  • Rescue Will Come

    Have you ever been in a situation you couldn’t see out of? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to turn? Sometimes you have to know when to be still. Join me today as I post at…

    Jun 6
  • Deep Down – Presidential Prayer Team

    Have you ever felt something in your bones? The expression originated when people with arthritis could “feel” the change in barometric pressure. You may hear old-timers say, “Rain is coming. I can feel it…

    Oct 14