Why We Shouldn’t Jump at Every Opportunity

Sep 20


If you were to offer me a cup of coffee right now, I’d gladly take one – with cream and sweetener, thank you very much.

Were you to ask if I wanted to take a trip with you to someplace exotic, (exotic, by the way, means intriguingly unusual or different, which includes any place without my kids, because it’s unusual for me to be without them) I’d jump at the chance, probably without even asking you where.

You see, there are just some things I don’t even have to give a lot of thought to – they are obvious. At least that’s what I thought until…

Join me today at the Internet Cafe where I’m posting my devotion. Click HERE to read the rest.




What kind of spiritual lesson did I find in the Karate Kid? I posted about it today at the Presidential Prayer Team. Click HERE to read that devotion. And remember that link is only direct today. After today, you’ll need to select 9/20 from the drop-down menu.

What kind of fun do you have planned for the weekend? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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