Oct 25

As I sit at my computer, I hear the rumbling of thunder. Rain is coming. I’m recording the evidence of God’s hand in my life. It’s overwhelming when I realize how much He has given me and how often His hand has guided me right to a blessing. My fingers fly across the keyboard as I type of His grace, His goodness, His mercy, His love everlasting. I love Him so. I just can’t seem to get it across in words. He is so good to me. No, really. He is SO GOOD to me! See. Words don’t do it justice. It’s a feeling. It’s getting in a hot shower on a cold day and letting the water run over you. It’s seeing the person you love the first time after thinking something awful happened to them but realizing they are alright. It’s feeling the sun soak through your skin on a warm spring day after a long, cold winter. That is how good God is. It’s raining now, just a slow steady sprinkle. There has been a drought here and the rain is much needed. I continue to type, but am drawn away when I think about the sad thirsty plant by my front door. My mother is always after me to water it. Thunder BOOMS. It’s close. The rain is heavier. That poor plant. I run downstairs and out the front door. I grab it and run out to place it in the rain. It drinks up the first wet drops and quickly becomes full – like me. It’s a downpour.

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